Benefits of St. Francis Xavier School

St. Francis Xavier School is committed to educating the whole child, attending to each child’s spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development.


Highlighted below are just a few of the benefits of an SFX education.


Academic Focused

With such strong educational programs in the surrounding area, St. Francis Xavier School understands the value the community puts on the education of its children and meets, and exceeds, those expectations with a strong, academic-focused curriculum, which is aligned with the Minnesota Standards and the English Language Common Core Standards. St. Francis Xavier School provides a strong curriculum in all subject areas: religion, reading, math, language arts, science, social studies, spelling, phonics, music, physical education, computers, and Spanish.  


Caring and Passionate Master Teachers

SFX is blessed to have a dedicated group of teachers who care deeply about their students and are very passionate about their calling as teachers. Your children will know they are loved and valued by the staff at SFX because the staff will let them know everyday.


SFX teachers stay updated in educational topics and practices through workshops and in-services. Our faculty includes specialists in the areas of music, digital devices, Spanish, and physical education.


Small Class Sizes

Class sizes in grades K through 6 range from 14-24 students and in preschool 14-18 students. These small class sizes allow teachers to give more attention to the individual needs of students.


Faith-based, Catholic Education

St. Francis Xavier School is dedicated to passing on the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith. Religion class is part of the daily schedule and school life of students. Prayer is said at the beginning of the day, before and after lunch, and at the day’s end. Students often ask for prayers for personal intentions. Students in grades 1-6 attend Mass each Friday morning. Kindergarteners and preschooler students often attend.


As a Catholic school, we are proud to celebrate the seasons of the liturgical year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. School and classroom activities and decorations will recognize these important aspects of our Catholic heritage.


Special events are always centered around a Mass. Catholic Schools’ Week, Grandparents’ Day, Recognition of Volunteers, sixth graders completing their SFX school program – all culminate with attendance at Mass.


We believe faith gives life meaning; it defines what is acceptable and what is not. The Catholic faith is our constant guide.


Sense of Family and Community

Because of its small size, the staff, parents and students at St. Francis Xavier School are like family. Whether it is hanging out before and after Mass on Fridays, waiting in the cafeteria to pick up kids after school, or attending a variety of the activities and events scheduled throughout the year, parents, students, and staff take the opportunity to get know each other and realize that SFX is not just a school; it is a community to which they can belong.

Our Mission – St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is committed to providing students with a quality education emphasizing spiritual growth, academic excellence and community service.  We follow the teachings of Jesus by loving and respecting each person in everything we do and say. 


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