Faculty and Staff at St. Francis Xavier

My experience with St. Francis has been nothing short of wonderful. The teachers and staff provide a top notch education in an environment that is caring and empowering to each individual student. What a phenomenal group of people! 

-Tonya Hinkemeyer

Happenings in the Classroom...


The faculty and staff at St. Francis Xavier are committed to keeping parents informed and up-to-date with events and developments in each classroom, and the school, in general. 


In addition to the Franny Flyer newsletter, emails, and notes sent home with students, each teacher has the option of posting news, developments and events in their classroom on their classroom webpage. 

To access classroom webpages, log in to SchoolSpeak.


​​Mary Winter
320-252-9940 Ext: 1351
email Mrs. Winter

​​Carolyn Yaggie Heinen
320-252-9940 Ext: 1371

email Mrs. Yaggie Heinen

Patsy Kopka

Preschool Paraprofessional

​​Mary Mader



Nicole Vos
320-252-9940 Ext: 1305
email Mrs.Vos

Jenna Courrier
320-252-9940 Ext: 1312
email Mrs. Courrier


​​Steph Pederson

320-252-9940 Ext: 1311

email Mrs. Pederson

​​Katherine Windschitl
320-252-9940 Ext:1332
email Ms. Windschitl


Paula Franzmeier
320-252-9940 Ext: 1306

email Mrs. Franzmeier

​​Alyssa Job
320-252-9940 Ext: 1322
email Ms. Job 


Patty Legatt
320-252-9910 Ext:1305 

email Mrs. Legatt

Courtney Shultz
320-252-9940 Ext: 1331
email Ms. Shultz

Michaela Marcum
320-252-9940 Ext: 1341
email Ms. Marcum

Denise Ludick

320-252-9940 Ext. 1321

email Mrs. Ludick

​​Deb Schueller
320-252-9940 Ext: 1304
email Mrs. Schueller

​​Heidi Schloe
320-252-9940 Ext: 1342
email Mrs. Schloe

​​Marybeth Woodruff
320-252-9940 Ext: 1362
email Mrs. Woodruff

​​Myriam Mansell

320-252-9940 Ext. 1371

email Mrs. Mansell

Sarah Hansen

Preschool Paraprofessional

Lora Smith

320-252-9940 Ext. 1352

email Mrs. Smith

​​Sean Jacobson


email Mr. Jacobson

Debbie Seidl

Preschool Paraprofessional

Alicia Wassen ​​

320-252-9940 Ext. 1388

email aftercare

Tammy Doble
320-252-9940 Ext: 1381

email Mrs. Doble

Jacque Windschitl
320-252-9940 Ext: 1361

email Mrs. Windschitl

Melanie Notsch​​

320-252-9940 Ext 1370

email Mrs. Notsch

​​Joyce Tillemans
Preschool Paraprofessional

​​Kelli Bjelland
320-252-9940 Ext: 1381

​​Amanda Gjerde
320-252-9940 Ext: 1374
email Ms. Gjerde

Kelly Nielson

320-252-9940 Ext 1373

email Mrs. Nielson

​​Angie Good

1st Grade Paraprofessional

Gary Phillipi

320-252-9940 Ext. 1372

Ray Ley
320-252-9940 Ext. 1372

Debbie Bearson

320-252-9940 Ext. 1301

email Mrs. Bearson

Arlene Villcheck

320-252-9940 Ext. 1301

email Mrs. Villcheck

Bonnie Van Heel
email Mrs. Van Heel 

Fr. Tim Baltes


email Fr. Tim

Our Mission – St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is committed to providing students with a quality education emphasizing spiritual growth, academic excellence and community service.  We follow the teachings of Jesus by loving and respecting each person in everything we do and say. 


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