SCRIP Contact
Jeff & Michelle Eikmeier  
Telephone: 252-7068
email: Jeff & Michelle


Link to place a scrip order:

Coborns, Erkens Water and Marnanteli's Pizza gift cards are also available.

For questions contact Jeff Eikmeier 252-7068

One Cause Fundraising


SCRIP Program

What is Scrip?

Scrip is “substitute money”.
When consumers purchase scrip, they receive negotiable certificates or cards that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them.

Scrip can be used to purchase anything from groceries, fuel, clothing, toys, and cosmetics to entertainment, electronics, home improvement, or household services.


Offering freedom of choice and versatility, scrip is also a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion.

Nevertheless, What makes scrip a valuable and effective fundraising tool for your organization is that as your members use it to buy their favorite products and services, they generate all or a portion of the much needed funds for your cause, projects, or programs.

How the Scrip Program at St. Francis works...

• Orders for Scrip are placed by the 10th of every month.
• Orders placed are usually available within a week of that.
• Checks should be made out to SFX Scrip.
• You will be contacted when the order is complete.

Be sure you include a telephone number where you can be reached.

Thank you for supporting your scrip program.

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